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Morocco Photography Holidays - for more information & details, Contact Darren Lewey on : (44) (0) 208 798 0200 /

Browse an online Viewbook gallery of digital photography in Essaouira by workshop attendees, visit us on Facebook or browse our up-to-date blog for the latest news. We also offer 1 & 3 day workshops for those visiting Essaouira independently.

You can find out more about what our photography holidays and tours can do for your photography by visiting our main site at Images in the Sun. Alternatively check us out with a Google search.
Providing quality bespoke Photography Holidays and Photography Tours which include selected accommodation and all travel arrangements, designed to take full advantage of this unique part of Morocco, from its stunning light, and striking architectural vistas, to its bustling souks and welcoming inhabitants.
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*pronounced "esso-weera"